Udbhav Gambhir

Studying CSE
Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
Noida, Delhi-NCR (201309)

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  • Smart India Hackathon - 2019 Winner

    Developed a GUI Software powered by supply chain blockchain at the backend. The software was created to solve the problem of securing the authenticity of farmer inputs.

  • Softpedia '100%' award

    Award received for creation and maintainance of TriCo Software. The Software uses Electron.js, Github Releases for update checkup and management and converts excel file to mysql db/mongo collection.


  • C,C++
  • JAVA (AWT, Swing, JDBC, Mailer, Threads)
  • Python


  • HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery
  • Bootstrap, Metro, MDB
  • Node.js, Express, Passport, Socket.io, Cron
  • AJAX, HBS, EJS, Engines
  • MYSQL, MongoDB, NeDB, SQLite
  • AWS, Heroku, Github-Pages
  • Linux, Git, NPM
  • Electron.js, Child process, OS API
  • Android/iOS -> Cordova, Phonegap

Knows about

  • Blockchain
  • Web3,Solidity
  • Android
  • XML
  • ML
  • Debugging

Some of the Best Works

My Created GitHub Repositories (Live from Github)

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